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Welcome to my space!

Hi, my name is Rafael Martins, a technology professional from Brazil with 12+ years of mobile gaming/application development experience.  I´ve been working on games and apps production for national and worlwide markets since 2004. I´m also a former professional basketball player.

My main activities in the companies i´ve worked included game production and post-production, platform porting, framework and services integration, apps development, documentation and project/team management. I´m also passionate for R&D and new platforms education.

My academic background includes a Ph.D in Computer Engineering (in progress),  a Master´s degree in Electrical Engineering, a postgraduate in Education and a bacharelor in Information Systems. In the same field i´m working as a professor at FIAP (Mobile Games MBA) and also writing a Cocos2d-x and Sdkbox game development book.

In the last years i´ve played with a lot of platforms and different roles in the companies, and it helped me a lot to understand both operational and strategic goals on mobile development. So feel free to contact me to exchange work experience (and personal too if you want).